Volume 1: The Aegean Region


As we guide you in the footsteps of the early saints through the olive groves, wetlands, and seasides of Western Turkey, we hope to enrich your experience of scripture and church history set in the Aegean Region. We’ll begin our journey in the Christian epicenter of Ephesus where the Apostle Paul’s School of Tyrannus unleashed the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Asia. You will come face-to- face with the Aegean churches that were instructed, corrected, and encouraged by the risen Christ in the book of Revelation, authored by John. He may have known these churches quite well after serving as the bishop of Ephesus. In addition to Paul and John, we meet other church fathers, many of them martyred, who led, encouraged, and critiqued the churches and Christians in the region. From world powers and church fathers to religious temples and city marketplaces, join us in encountering the saints and their surroundings in the Aegean Region of Turkey.