Meet The Team


Ronnie Jones III - Writer

Ronnie Jones is a traveler, language learner, writer, and historian. Growing up in the multicultural melting-pot of Southern California, the seeds of love for culture, travel and history were planted at an early age and solidified when he traveled overseas for the first time at age 12. He studied Greco-Roman and Reformation History in university, and Christian History at the graduate level. Now he resides in Turkey with his wife and son where he is privileged to write about cultures, past and present.

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Will Rockett - Photographer

Will Rockett is a travel photographer who seeks to capture the heart of cultures and civilizations both past and present. Since graduating from Louisiana Tech University, his passion for world travel and photography have combined into a lifelong profession. Will and his family currently reside in Turkey were his first book Guardians of Civilization was inspired. View more of his work at